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What to say?

She was my friend, best friend . We met in April , in coaching . She looked cute . A little girl , not so tall , but beautiful girl , with big black eyes , silky black hairs, pink lips and red cheeks with picture perfect smile , aligned teeths …means yaa !literally she looked too pretty.

Gradually, we began to talk. We used to have conversations on Instagram. It grew into beautiful friendship . 1000 secrets , 2000 reasons to smile every day which weren’t considered as “reasons “for smiling by others . Laughing out loud in public without caring about any of the people’s opinion we made so many memories to cherish๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–.

It was one year of our friendship. But then idk what happened and things changed between her and me. Still we had sort of ” sometimes” talks. And suddenly everything finished. No more friendship left .

Sometimes it was my mistakes , yes I agree and I am sorry for that. But sometimes it was hers too, but she isn’t affected by it at all…and I die every day, I feel bad ,I feel worse… Everytime I see her photo , I get lost , lost in thoughts, lost in doubt , lost in her .I feel bad . But seeing her Happy as always ….I can’t gather courage to utter a word. I simply let her live her life ..I stay away.. though I want to be a part of her life . I don’t know what to say, and may be will never be friends again๐Ÿ˜ถ.

I miss you… And I love you…I care for you still Ridhi!!

Have you noticed?

Busy !Busy! Busy! We all are busy in our life….some in studying… completely schooling , graduation, some in earning money..and different purposes…!

But do we take out sometime to notice around us? Like bud about to blossom , baby monkey whose trying to catch a shadow of wire, two birds in love,the sunset view looking like a painting on canvas . Do we notice ? These small things..and count them as a reason to be happy ….well these all small things are there which gives us inner peace…an immense joy ..it’s nature !!!! So be happy ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ and notice the beautiful miracles happening around you๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

Me :)

I am full of emotions….Filled with so so so much of sentiments….At the time all I want is to cry cry n cry….Tell them what I am going through…Tell them about how much I m suffering ….But no…I cannot tell them how weak I get in their absence…How addicted I am to them…But all deep inside me only I know….How badly I want them…How much I need them…Just to hold them n cry with my head on their shoulders asking them to stay ,asking them to love me back like they used to..Asking them to laugh with me like we used to. But I cannot!!!!!!!!! All I can do this to make myself busy with others… Laughing with others… Pretending I am happy n as soon as I get alone…I realize how badly my heart is broken.


Yup….I accept , somewhere it was my mistake….I was the reason for your tears …I am sorry for my doings , for my carelessness , for my foolishness , I am sorry for the pain I caused you..

But honestly , I never meant to do it , all things just happened in a flow…But I never understood that it might hurt you so bad I am very sorry….I don’t even know…We will be able to meet someday or not , but still I will wish when v meet u say ” I am not angry , I have already forgiven uh”

I am really sorry…for my doings!!๐Ÿ˜ข

Last day of the year…

If I sit down and try to remember about the last 12 months passed…My bag would completely fill up with sweet-sour memories!!! How I learnt to be happy all the time,how I learnt to stand up again after every time I fall, by the time I realized I am special in my own ways and I don’t need admirers(actually the stories behind these lessons)…And much more will fit in this small word “memories”.                                       Each new day was a new experience (good or bad, sometimes package of both  ). Someday I succeeded and celebrated my victory while other days I learned the lesson 

Everything happened to me was worth it. I laughed a lot, I cried a lot both bought me some mesmerizing memories .I wish 2018 again brings me new thrills.

I hope 2018 brings a lot of happiness, excitement,thrills ,joy in everyone’s life .So all of you have a very happy ,blissful year ahead …….

            Happy new year!!!!!!!


Be HaPpY!

Happiness..is something which everyone aspires for. But the thing is eveyone thinks that for being happy the outer world should be perfect , the circumstances around you should be good , no problems should be there . But the real

fact is life is all about struggles and problems it is our duty to face them with a big smile ๐Ÿ™‚ We will never get happy if we expect,the world around us to get perfect ! All we need to get happy is inner peace. The day when we realise everything is temporary and we should be satisfied with whatever we have ..we will get inner peace. When we will not attach our happiness with  money , people and things ..we will realize what an amazing life we have got. At that time in a more better way you will treat people ,more purely you will take your relations further. You will not have any grudges , envy , hatred for anyone ..a better person you will become..so be happy and be satisfied  ๐Ÿ™‚